Real estate and Malls management

The law firm is specialized in the activity of legal advice to real estate properties of large malls located along the national territory (eg .: Busnago, Limbiate, Genoa, Ortona, Rome, Benevento, Syracuse, etc.). This fruitful work of cooperation is based on a constant relationship with both the property and the Management Company.
Further to our experience, the firm offers a contract of attorney on an ongoing basis which has found particular favor from the Properties. It, in fact, allows to quantify in advance the fixed annual compensation for all the legal assistance and extrajudicial advice, as below mentioned:

a. consultations with the representative of the property and conference call for regular updating;
b. meetings and preparation of operating protocols for the management of tenants in arrears;
c. periodic reports on the progress of litigation both in Italian and in English;
d. notices of payment, acts to terminate the contract under Articles. 1454-1456 cc and letters of execution of the guarantees;
and. oral and written opinions;
f. assistance in the preparation and review of leases of a business or rental.

In the event of litigation, assistance is guaranteed at every stage, step and level of the case, even before the higher courts (in force of the related authorization and recognition), through the drafting of documents and briefs aimed at protecting the interests of the property. The firm provides clients with the constant updating of periodic and cadenced communications relating to the progress of the proceedings . Assuming our efforts result defeated, we take care of executive procedures for the collection of the debt and the release of the business unit and the estate trying in every way to achieve useful results in the shortest due time , including through the systematic use of urgent procedures . We boast a success rate of total resolution in litigation related to the management of the business units of Malls - non-payment of fees , simulation and termination of the contract - ( v . " Judicial review " ) . We take care of the administrative procedures regarding the business management of large retail outlets . As an example the authorizations for the opening or expansion of malls , including our participation in the Service Conferences , as well as in the event of any administrative dispute.