Criminal defense at every stage of the proceedings, including the higher courts.The firm relies on the partnership of other studies domiciled in major Italian cities (eg. Rome, Bergamo, Brescia, Syracuse, etc.), in order to ensure a national defense assistance in the technique defense within the criminal trial . In the same way, taking advantage of a qualified network of data processing services and the help of serious professionals, the firm is able to carry out a qualified investigative defensive activities in order to protect the position of the suspect from the earliest stages of the proceedings.

Areas of particular competence:

- Corporate crime and bankruptcy;
- Crimes against the public administration (corruption, extortion, embezzlement, etc.).
- Crimes against property (fraud, embezzlement, theft, etc.).
- Crimes against the person to protect the life and integrity of the individual (eg., Injury, serious, very serious, murder, negligent or malicious actions, etc.) or of his honor (slander, insult, threat etc.).

The experience gained over the years in criminal defense and wide knowledge of the problems inherent the management of the company, allow us to establish effective organizational models designed to prevent the risk of offenses, pursuant to Legislative Decree. N. 231/2001.