Interdisciplinary competence

Over the years, the members of the firm have gained individual competence sectorialized in specific areas of law which are complementary.


Personalization of the service

Our legal intervention may develop into an advisory nature, adjusting the ratio in his creative phase in accordance with the regulations.


Constant dialogue with the customer

The dialogue and discussion with our customers are essential so that we can always arrange a line of intervention focused towards our ultimate goal.


"Justice does not exist in itself, but only in relation to each other, and in those places where it has made a pact about not bear it receive damage."

Epicurus, Works, translated by G. Arrighetti, Einaudi, Torino 1973

“Iuris praecepta sunt haec: honeste vivere alterum non laedere, suum cuique tribuere”.

Eneo Domizio Ulpiano, Regole, D. 1.1.10 pr

"The foundation of justice is faith, that is, the consistency and sincerity in keeping things said and agreed"

Marcus Tullius Cicero, De officiis, (I, 7, 23), trans. en. A. Resta Barrile, Rizzoli, Milan, 1987

"Justice without force is powerless; force without justice is tyrannical "

Blaise Pascal, Thoughts, trans. it., F. De Poli, Rizzoli, Milan, 1999

Areas of intervention services and expertise