We take care of any action for damages arising from breach of contract or non-contractual tort in the various forms that this can happen (unlawful damage caused by traffic accident, due to things in custody or from animals, etc.).

In particular, we have established a highly qualified experience in the field of personal accident injuries and insurance.
As an example we include actions for biological damages (small and huge permanent injuries) and damages consequent to death. In general civil and criminal liability arising from traffic accident; opposition to administrative sanction.
We grant assistance in proceedings for driving under the influence of alcohol and under the influence of drugs.
For many years, the law firm collaborates with professional experts of the Institute of Legal Medicine of the University of Milan.

In family matters, we provide a careful and empathetic work of listening and definition of conflicts related to conjugal disputes. The law firm employs serious and reserved professionals able to conduct investigations and evaluations of the abilities of the parent.